What is an on the record review?

An OTR occurs when an Administrative Law Judge looks at your case and makes a decision before your Disability appeals hearing.

In the Social Security Disability world, there’s really no downside to having an “on the record” review. The best case scenario is that an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) reviews your case file, awards benefits and you bypass a potentially nerve-wracking Disability hearing altogether.

The worst case scenario is that an ALJ doesn’t grant benefits based solely on your records, and you move forward as planned with a face-to-face appeals hearing. No harm no foul.

Because there is a backlog of Social Security Disability appeals, on the record reviews are becoming more common. Favorable decisions save time, money, stress ― and most importantly, it can get you much-needed monetary benefits faster.

So how do you get an on the record review?

Social Security could initiate an on the record review but, most likely, it’s going to take some effort on your part. First of all, you must have already been denied benefits and filed a notice of appeal requesting a Disability hearing.

Once your appeal is assigned to an Administrative Law Judge, you can request an on the record review with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). You must submit a legal brief or letter outlining your argument for Disability benefits. It should be backed up by compelling, new medical evidence that details your functional limitations and proves you are unable to work.

Writing briefs and gathering medical evidence can be an overwhelming task for someone who is not skilled in Social Security Disability rules and regulations. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can handle this for you.

The Disability team at McDonald Law Firm routinely requests on the record reviews for our clients. We have experience writing persuasive briefs and gathering powerful medical evidence. Our goal is to give the Judge all of the information he or she needs to make a favorable decision without the need for a Disability hearing and testimony.

In our experience, on the record reviews are an excellent way to accelerate the Disability appeals process and get you Social Security Disability benefits faster. Don’t leave anything to chance. Let a skilled Disability attorney handle your claim. Give us a call at 855-702-9061 to get started today..

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