Can you get Disability and retirement benefits at the same time?

No, not generally. Disability benefits automatically convert to retirement benefits at age 66.

Social Security Disability benefits and retirement benefits serve the same function: to provide income to those who no longer work.

The Social Security Disability program was put into place to provide financial security to disabled individuals who can’t work anymore but are too young to draw retirement benefits. If you are on Disability when you reach full retirement age (usually age 66), Social Security simply closes your Disability case and renames it “retirement.”  You will continue receiving benefits in the same amount uninterrupted – except your monthly check will come from a different Social Security program.

The conversion from Disability to retirement benefits happens automatically, and you do not have to do anything to continue receiving a monthly check.

There is one small exception in which individuals could get Disability and retirement benefits at the same time.  If you draw early reduced retirement benefits, which is possible at age 62, and then get approved for Disability benefits, Social Security will make up the difference between the early retirement amount and the full Disability amount you are entitled to receive.

The Social Security Disability system is confusing and difficult to navigate. If you are considering applying for Disability benefits or if your claim was recently denied, it’s best to seek legal help. The Disability team at McDonald Law Firm has helped thousands of people obtain Social Security Disability benefits and we would be glad to assist you, too. Contact us today at 855-702-9061 or just fill out the contact form on this page.

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